Quick Answer: What Type Of Roofs Are There In Houses Of Srinagar?

Are stilt houses safe?

However, in terms of construction, a home built on stilts is a solid option, especially in the hurricane- or tsunami-prone locales.

From Southeast Asia to Hawaii as well as up and down the Gulf Coast, a stilt home is not only the safest option for housing, but in some places it’s absolutely required..

Why do houses in Ladakh have flat roofs?

Why there are flat roof houses in Leh Ladhak, Jammu Kashmir?? … This is because mountain region receives heavy rainfall and snow, thus to prevent water and snow to be accumulated, they have slanting roofs. In Ladakh region , we may see flat roof in region where there is less rainfall.

Why do people in Ladakh region move to the ground floor during winter?

They move to higher altitudes in winters to graze their animals. Their houses are made of stones and mud.

Which district is known as mini Kashmir?

Poonch DistrictPoonch District. District Poonch which is popularly known as mini Kashmir is the smallest in area and the remotest district of Jammu and Kashmir state. It is bounded by the Actual Line of Control (ALC) from three sides.

What is the Rebo?

Rebo is a big tent (shelter) which protects changpas (nomadic people residing in Ladakh and Jammu and kashmir) from extreme cold environment. Changpas live in rebos alongwith their herds of cattle.

Who is the DC of Poonch?

Deputy CommissionerNameDesignationAddressMr. Rahul Yadav, IASDeputy Commissioner PoonchO/o Deputy Commissioner Poonch, DC Office Complex Poonch-185101, Jammu and Kashmir

Who built Poonch fort?

Poonch Fort in Jammu The foundation of this fort was laid in AD 1713 by Raja Abdul Razaq Khan, but the construction of the same was completed by his son Raja Rustam Khan, between AD 1760 and 1787. The fort features a series of buildings that are arranged around four irregular courtyards.

Why are bamboo houses built in Assam and Meghalaya?

Apart from Assam, the bamboo homes can be found in Bihar, UP, Bengal, and Orissa in India. Given that Assam is prone to high seismic activity, these homes are designed to be earthquake resistant.

What are Ikra houses made of?

Ikra houses are single-storey structures consisting of brick or stone masonry walls up to about 1 m above the plinth. This masonry supports the walls consisting of bamboo woven together with a wooden frame, and plastered with cement or mud plaster.

Which animal hair is used for Rebo?

yak hairRebo – Rebo is a tent made of yak hair constructed over an excavated site roughly two and half feet deep and 20ft wide on either side.

Why are most houses in Kashmir made of wood?

Traditional Kashmiri houses faced south to absorb the maximum sunlight. They usually had a single entrance and rows of windows. The wooden window frames bore small glass panes and the thick brick walls were plastered with clay and straw on the inside, so the cold did not seep in.

What is the famous in Ladakh?

Ladakh is quite famous for its incandescent mountains and longing valleys; all of which makes it a hot favourite amongst travellers. Some top-notch places for trekking and camping include Tso Moriri, Stok Kangri, Chadar and Markha Valley.

What type of houses are built in Ladakh?

Like in Tibet, traditional houses in Ladakh are built using stones, timbers and mud in various forms, such as sun-dried mud bricks and rammed earth for plastering floors and roofs. The buildings reflect people’s lifestyle, with pens for their cows on the ground floor and Buddhist altar rooms on the top floor.

Are there different types of houses in the place where you live if yes think about the reason?

Are there different types of houses in the place where you live? If yes, think about the reasons. Ans. Yes, there are different types of houses in the place I live.

What type of roofs are there in houses of Ladakh?

Ladakh’s small, white-washed houses with flat roofs belong to a place that sees no rain (so no Himalayan sloping roofs needed) but those flat roofs can store ample animal fodder for the unproductive winter months.

Is Leh closed in December?

Travelling by both the road routes, the Manali-Leh Highway and Srinagar-Leh Highway, is not possible since they are not open in the snowy winters of Ladakh. … The Manali-Leh and Srinagar-Leh highways are generally closed by October-November and November-December respectively.

Why do the Changpa graze their goats at higher and colder places?

The Changpa graze their goats at higher and colder places so that the goats have more and softer hair (fur). They stay high up on these mountains in very difficult conditions because that is where these goats can live. This is their life and their livelihood.

Which type of houses are found in Assam?

The houses constructed using this style are generally termed as Assam-type houses, consisting usually one or more storeys. The houses are built to be earthquake proof, and are made from materials ranging from wood and bamboo to steel and concrete.

Where do Changpas keep their animals?

Lekha is the place where the changpa keep their animals.

What is DAB in EVS?

Ans: In Srinagar some old houses a special type of windows which comes out of walls. This is called dab. … Ans: The areas which have a lot of rainfall and snowfall have sloping roofs so that the water cannot stand on the roof and damage the house.

Who built Bhaderwah fort?

Raja Medni PalIt is a place of pride for the erstwhile kings of Chamba and Bhadarwah. Built in 1733 its construction was started by Raja Medni Pal said to be founder of Bhaderwah and later the fort was strengthened by his descendents Fatehpal. In 1821 it was captured by Chamba army with the help of Sikhs.