Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Prefer?

What is the opposite word of get?

Antonym of GetWordAntonymGetGiveGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar..

What can I say instead of most likely?

more probableostensible.plausible.possible.presumable.presumed.rational.reasonable.seeming.More items…

What is a antonym for investigate?

ˌɪnˈvɛstəˌgeɪt) Conduct an inquiry or investigation of. Antonyms. synthesize inactivity uncover.

What is a synonym for the word prefer?

prefer. Synonyms: choose, elect, select, fancy, promote, advance, further. Antonyms: reject, postpone, defer, withhold, degrade, depress.

What is the meaning of prefer?

to set or hold before or above other persons or things in estimation; like better; choose rather than: to prefer beef to chicken. Law. to give priority, as to one creditor over another. to put forward or present (a statement, suit, charge, etc.) for consideration or sanction.

Is got a slang word?

Many listeners, including Sigrid, have been wondering if the phrase “have got” is acceptable English. Well, you have got to check out our previous episode on that topic. It’ll tell you that the answer is yes, you can use this expression, though it is considered informal.

Is get a formal word?

Get is a very common verb, especially in informal speaking and writing. Get has many different meanings and is used in many idioms. We use it less often in formal writing. Get has many different grammatical patterns depending on the meaning.

What can I say instead of more likely?

What is another word for most likely?probablylikelymaybepresumablyconceivablysurelyfeasiblyimaginablyjustifiablyperchance41 more rows

What is the difference between prefer and perfer?

The difference is that prefer is a word and perfer isn’t. Perfer is simply a misspelling or a mispronunciation of prefer. Except in printer’s slang, in which the machine that perforates paper may be called a perfer. It’s a shortened form of perforator and you really won’t hear it much outside of the printing trade.

What is another way to say most?

other words for mostbetter.greater.highest.largest.maximum.ultimate.utmost.uttermost.

What is another way to say get?

What is another word for get?acquireobtaingarnerreapcapturedrawfindaccomplishfetchpull down155 more rows

What is the antonym of prefer?

Words popularity by usage frequencyrankword#7367refuse#8574reject#15596dismiss#23567defer9 more rows