Question: Is Secondary Fermentation Necessary?

When should I secondary ferment?

Fermentation (conditioning) is still taking place, so just leave it alone.

A minimum useful time in the secondary fermentor is two weeks.

Overly long times in the secondary (for light ales- more than 6 weeks) may require the addition of fresh yeast at bottling time for good carbonation..

Is secondary fermentation necessary for Mead?

The goal of secondary fermentation is to settle any sediment (called the “lees”) from the liquid, called the “must.” This can take several months. … Just like making cider or beer, several rackings and re-rackings will likely be necessary, until the mead maker is satisfied with the liquid.

Can I skip secondary fermentation?

You can skip the secondary fermentation, but you shouldn’t skip the two weeks. The beer will significantly improve during that time as the yeast is still doing work to your beer.

How important is secondary fermentation?

Brewers do this with a goal of creating a clearer beer without off flavors. If you’re going to lager your beer, then a secondary fermentation is a must. The extended time requires that the beer be removed from the yeast cake and debris. This also allows brewers to harvest and wash their yeast for reuse.