Question: Are Used In Hilly Areas?

Why the inside of white car is cooler than the inside of black car in hot weather?


Because black absorbs heat more than a white car.

This is why white car is cooler than black car..

What type of houses are found in hilly areas?

In the hilly areas, houses with sloping roofs are preferred so that snow and water may slip down. Besides, stones are easily available there than sand. Hence stones are mostly used to build houses in these areas. Even the roofs are made up of slate stone.

What materials are used to make house in hilly areas?

2. Salient characteristics of traditional settlement in hill regionsS no.Construction techniqueMaterials used2Dhajji-DewariTimber stone/mud3Taaq systemTimber and brick4Stone housesNatural stone dressed or undressed5Wooden housesTimber5 more rows

How are the houses in the hills different from those in the plains?

Answer: Houses in hills have sloping roofs to prevent rain and snow to collect and make the house cold and damp as houses in plains are built by concrete and other strong building materials.

What are the special features of houses where it rains heavily?

Answer. The features that a house should have in areas where copious rains and resultant heavy water flow is expected: As far as possible the site should be elevated one, preferably with a slant or slope for rain water to drain out as also to ensure that the house is not flooded in case of cloud burst.

Why the outer walls of houses are painted white in hot climate areas?

White colour reflects the heat that falls on the wall or we can say white colour absorbs less amount of heat, therefore in place of the hot climate, it is advised that the outer wall of houses be painted white.

Why are houses painted white in Spain?

1. To protect the houses from the sun during summer. White houses are cooler during the hot summer than houses with other colors. … The white color reflects the sunlight and does not absorb it, keeping the house cool.

What are the characteristics of a good house?

The Top 7 Qualities of An Ideal House Built By The Good Real Estate DevelopersThe home should be airy and well-ventilated. … The design of the interiors should be ergonomic. … The material used in construction should be of good quality. … The height of the ceilings should be between 10-12 feet.More items…•

What are hilly areas?

A hilly area has many hills. The areas where the fighting is taking place are hilly and densely wooded. Synonyms: mountainous, rolling, steep, undulating More Synonyms of hilly. Quick word challenge.

Why are the houses in deserts painted white?

In places of hot climate, it is advised that the outer walls of house be painted white because white colour does not absorb any heat radiation from the sun which keep inside cool even if there is hot climate outside the house.

What are the importance of hills?

People have used hills for homes and urban areas for thousands of years. Many people have built their homes and villages on hills to avoid floods. The higher elevation also allows people to defend themselves.

What is the meaning of Hilly?

full of hills; having many hills; hilly country. resembling a hill; elevated; steep.

What is another word for Hilly?

What is another word for hilly?mountainousrollingcraggyelevatedrangyrockyruggedslopingunevenhigh30 more rows